DIY Writer's Workshop Folder

Create a folder specifically used to keep your students organized during Writer's Workshop.  An easy DIY that pays off in less lost papers!

Items to Gather:

  • 3 two pocket folders (no fasteners)
  • stapler


Step 1:  Gather all of your materials.  Begin by stapling the back of one folder to the front of the other folder. Do not staple in the "pocket" area.

Step 2:  Then staple the back of that second folder to the front of the third folder.  Do not staple in the "pocket" area.  If you wish, you can use glue between the two folders for extra hold.

Step 3: Glue the labels for each stage of the writing process onto the pockets of the folder.  Here are some labels for you

   Other Tips/Suggestions:

When teaching the students about the writing process, I teach them how to move their papers from one section of the folder to the other.  This allows them to keep organized as well as see if they are getting "stuck" on any portion of the process.  For example, if the students have many papers in the pre-write section, it is time for me to confer with them on moving those ideas into the draft.  If they are stuck on the edit, I can use my conference time or pull them into a small group dealing with editing.  I have used this system for years and find that it is a really simple, easy way to help keep the kids organized and on track during Writer's Workshop.

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