DIY Children's Book Art

Do you have any torn books that your students love?  Make art from them!

Items to Gather:

1.  First, decide which page you would like to use for the background and find coordinating colors in other pictures of the book to use for the punch cut-outs.  
2.  Next, choose which other colors in the artwork you would like to punch the shapes out of.  I always try to add depth by using some contrasting colors, but also some that are similar to the background.
3.  Decide how many shapes you will need cut out to cover the background.  
4.  Line them up to make slight pencil marks where you want to place them.
5.  Put glue on the pencil marks.
6.  Glue the shapes onto the background.
7.  Let dry, then put inside of a shadow box.  

Other Tips/Suggestions:

If you end up using butterflies, like I did, fold their wings up a bit, it makes it look like they are flying!  I also like to punch some important words from the story to be on one of the shapes.  In the picture above, one butterfly says "hungry caterpillar".  So cute!


photo of Teaching With Style blog
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