DIY Cubby Name Tags

Do you use sticker labels every year to label your student cubbies?  Don't you hate when they either leave residue on your materials, or don't come off all the way?  Well, how about something easy that you can change out simply every year?  

Items to Gather:

  • Large binder clips
  • Preprinted labels with student names or plain labels that you write student names on


Step 1:  Place your labels on the edge of the binder clip.  Secure with clear packing tape (My picture is showing that I was in a hurry - normally I would have used clear packing tape.)

Step 2:  Place your clips on the edge of your cubbies, mailbox, or bookshelves.  Feel free to remove and change out to match your classroom theme from year to year!

other tips/suggestions:

My clips are showing on cardboard cubby slots, so they look way larger.  Make sure to try different binder clips out on your style of shelves.  I can tell you that my clips had to be pried off, but if you are still concerned about them sliding off when students are trying to remove papers, just place the clips on the left or right side so they are vertical.  That should do the trick.  :)

Have fun with your new cubby clips!

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