DIY Cupboard Coverings

Cover your ugly classroom cupboards! Keep them clean, attractive, and create a great display area simply and effectively...with contact paper! 

Items to Gather:

  • contact paper of any color
  • scissors


Step 1:  Remove any hardware from your cupboard door (I took off the extra little straps we had on ours).  You can leave the handles.

Step 2:  Measure a strip of contact paper long enough to cover your entire door.  Be sure to keep a little extra on both ends.  This will be used to go on the back of the door to secure it.

Step 3: At the top of the contact paper strip, remove some of the paper backing.  This will reveal the sticky part.  You only need about 3 inches of this sticky stuff to be exposed.  On the back of the cupboard door, adhere the contact paper.

Step 4: Do the same on the bottom.  The middle part of the contact paper (the stuff that is actually serving as your door covering) is not actually removed from the backing paper.  This keeps it smooth and nice looking, without having to go through too much trouble! 

   Other Tips/Suggestions:

What is great about this is that you don't have to ruin your cupboards with staples or tape.  The Contact Paper just lays right overtop of the doors, yet provides a nice backdrop for your students' work.  Plus, it took me about 1 minute to put up the strip on the door...where butcher paper or other methods took me FOREVER to do!  

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