DIY Paper Pumpkin Surprise

Do you want an easy and inexpensive festive fall surprise for your teammates or your beloved school secretary? Make a few DIY paper pumpkins and stuff them with seasonal goodies to spread some cheer.

Items to Gather:
    • A paper grocery bag, or cute patterned paper
    • 2 brads per pumpkin
    • Sharp scissors 
    • Small hole punch
    • Goodies to stuff inside


    Step 1: Cut a strip out of your bag. (Approximately one inch wide.)

    Step 2: Cut that strip in half twice, so you end up with strips that are about 9 inches long.

    Step 3: Use 4 strips and hole punch each one in the center.

    Step 4: Attach with a brad as shown.

    Step 5: Punch another hole at the end of each strip.

    Step 6: Make a stem. I cut out a brown section of the bag in the shape of a circle-ish oval. Hole punch the stem piece in the middle at attach with a brad to the TOP of one of the end pieces. (If you want to add a leaf tag like mine, add it under the stem.  The stem is the top piece because it will stick up.)

    Step 7: Attach the other end pieces one by one to the underside of the brad. Close the brad when all strips are attached.

    Step 8: Twist your stem piece so it looks like a stem.

    Step 9: Stuff some treats inside! Peanut butter cups or truffles are my personal faves. :)

    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    These are also adorable with strips of seasonal patterned paper!

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