DIY Paper Witch Shoe Gift

This little shoe makes a great gift for your team mates or parent helpers. You might even want to make a few for the ladies in your front office. After you get the hang of it, they go pretty quick!

Items to Gather:

  • Pattern for shoe (found HERE)
  • Pattern for liner, optional (found HERE)
  • Double Stick Tape
  • Black card stock
  • Embellishments, ribbon, glitter glue, etc.


1. Print template and cut it out to make a pattern for your shoe. Use a white colored pencil so you can easily see what you traced. You can see my fingernail pointing to a guide mark I made for myself for folding. I only did this where the fold wasn't at and end or a natural folding point.

2. With your pattern nearby as a guide. Fold as indicated by  the dotted lines.

It will start looking like a shoe right before your eyes!

 3. Overlap the parts that make the heel first and sure them together. A gluestick will work fine. You can use a paperclip to keep it together while it's drying. I used tape just for these pictures so you could clearly see where things meet up.

This is looking down into the shoe after you glue the heel together. The part sticking up becomes the inner lining of the shoe. You can print an optional paper liner if you want it to have a different pattern. Look for double sided scrapbook paper for an easy cheat! 

4. Work your way around the shoe glueing it together as you see in this picture. Remember, the tape is just for you to clearly see. Don't do this on yours. yuk :)

Then have fun with flowers, ribbon, glitter glue and other embellishments to decorate your shoe! Let your inner fashion designer run wild. Fill the shoe with some treats and make someone happy!

Other Tips/Suggestions:
Be prepared to sacrifice a shoe or two as you get the hang of things. It's normal. By shoe number three you'll be on a roll! These also make really cute bridal shower gifts or even as a gift card holder!

Happy Crafting!

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