DIY Reading Nook

Need a fun place for your little ones to read quietly? Try this fun reading nook!



Items to Gather:  

    • large cardboard box
    • screwdriver
    • Christmas lights
    • spray paint (optional)


    1. Simply poke holes in the box with the philip's head screwdriver. This is will be the top of your "nook".

    2. Push the lightbulbs from the light strand into the holes you just made.

    3. PLUG IT IN! Tada! Fill with a few comfy pillows if you would like.  

    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    1. Spray paint your box prior to using.
    2. Make constellations.
    3. TIP: punch one hole in the box, insert one light, continue...this will help to make sure that your holes are evenly placed so that all lights can be used.

    Best of Luck!

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