DIY Stained Glass

This is a fun projects for any holiday.  Students create their own holiday stained glass with no cutting!


Items to Gather:

  • Several images from coloring books
  • Foil


    1.  Make copies of your images on the transparency sheets.  Be sure you have the right sheets for your printer.  They come in sheets for laser and for inkjet.  

    2. Color in the picture using permanent markers
    3.  Cover the cardstock or tagboard with foil.  Be sure that the shiny side faces out.  I like to secure mine on the back with a couple of pieces of tape.   

    4.  Using clear tape, attach the finished picture to the front of the covered board.   

    5.  Hang in the hall or in the windows.  They look fantastic when they catch the light.   

    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    These are especially fun during the Christmas holiday, but can be done with any image.  If you have a student that doesn't celebrate holidays, have a generic picture for them to do.   

    I have also seen these done in circular patterns on top of a paper plate covered with foil.      

    We'd love to hear your ideas and the creative ways in which you found to use these!

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