DIY Student Success Frame

Highlight student success with an 'I did it! Frame"

Items to Gather:

  • foam sheet
  • duct tape
  • sticky letters 
  • small paper plate
  • scissors
  • pencil


1.  Make a frame border around the foam sheet with duct tape, washi tape, or bulletin board border.  

2.  Adhere the sticky letters to say "I did it!" I also included a small square chalkboard sticker to write the specific accomplishment.

3.  Using a small plate, cut a hole so the child's face can fit around it.

That's it.  You're done. 

I hope you can use this all year long!  Have fun celebrating all the little and BIG successes your students have!

Happy Creating! Please head to A Modern Teacher for more DIY Projects!

A Modern Teacher

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