DIY Reading Level Tracker

Need a visual for tracking reading levels in your class? This reading levels folder will help you to group your students and keep an eye on how your students are progressing in their reading.

Items to Gather:

  • manilla file folder
  • printed list of students' names
  • printed list of levels 
  • glue
  • laminator


Step 1: Print out a list of your students' names. Laminate and cut apart.

Step 2: Print out a list of the reading levels you use. My example is with DRA up to level 24. Feel free to use it if you want to!

Step 3: Cut apart the labels and glue them onto the manilla folder. You may want to laminate it for durability.

Step 4: Attach velcro dots to the laminated folder. Be sure to use all of the same side on the folder.

Step 5: Attach the opposite side of the velcro dots to the students' names. 

Step 6: Place the students' names under the appropriate level, and you're ready to go!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

This is an organizer that I always keep with me as I conference with my students during reading workshop. If I noticed that a level is getting to easy for a student, then I move their name ahead right then and there since I am not all that likely to remember later. :)

I hope this will help you in planning for your reading groups during reading workshop!

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