DIY Easy and Inexpensive Thank You Gifts!

Hello Classroom DIY Friends! For most of us school is well underway and we are going full speed ahead this time of year. Just right around the corner we will soon be talking about Thanksgiving. It is this time of year we think and remember all the things we are thankful for. Sometimes it is hard to think of a thoughtful gift to give to those parents who help us to help the children in our classrooms. Sometimes it is the simplest things that mean so much! So how about an easy thank you gift?

Click on the image above for your printable!

Items to Gather:

For One Gift:
  • Thank You Printable
  • 1 Gift Bag 
  • Tissue
  • Frame

1. Print the printable.
2.  Insert into frame.

3.  Stuff with tissue!     
Other Tips/Suggestions:
Considering these are so inexpensive and quick to make I have made several to keep on hand for that emergency thank you gift during the holidays! All items were purchased at Dollar Tree!

I hope you have as much fun as I did creating my these quick and inexpensive thank you gifts,
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