DIY Christmas Coasters

These subway-art style Christmas coasters make the perfect gift for students to give this holiday season.  My class made these were last year and were SO proud of them!

Items to Gather:

  • 4" ceramic tiles (I picked mine up at a local home improvement store for about 15 cents a tile)
  • extra fine tip sharpie markers / pencil crayons
  • mod podge
  • glitter (optional)
  • foam brushes (for spreading the mod podge)
  • clear spray lacquer (for adding the extra water-proofing)


1.  Turn a full sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper into a square by cutting off the one side.  Give each student one square and have them decorate the square with holiday sayings, songs, phrases, pictures, etc. in subway art style (you may wish to show your students some examples before you begin).
2.  When the squares were finished, sing the photocopier, I reduced the size of each square to 43% and made 4 copies of each square (at 43% the little square fit perfectly on our 4" tile - you should test this on your machine with an example before you make the photocopies).
3.  I let each student cut out their 4 squares, then leaving the top of the photocopier open, I photocopied all 4 onto the same sheet.  With the top of the copier open, it left a black frame around the squares so that students could see where the edge of each square was.
4.  Students colored the squares using extra-fine tip sharpie markers and pencil crayons.  They could color each square the same, or vary their colors.
5.  Cut out the squares and glue to the ceramic tiles with mod podge.  When the mod podge had dried (we only waited about 1/2 and hour), we added a coat of mod podge to the top of the paper.
6.  For the last top coats of mod podge, we added some silver glitter to the mod podge (we just poured it right in the bottle and gave it a stir).  We added 2 more top coats of mod podge of the top of the tiles (letting it dry in between each coat).
7.  For the final touch, and to add that little bit of extra water-proofing, we sprayed the tiles with a clear spray lacquer (which I also picked up at my local home improvement store).  Any clear sealer will work.
8.  We tied the 4 coasters together with a little bit of festive red and green ribbon, and the students had a beautiful gift to give this holiday season.

Hope you enjoy!

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