DIY Decorated Jumbo Clothespins

You've probably seen cute clothespins like this at craft shows or gift shops. Today see just how easy it would be for you to make them yourself!

Items to Gather:
  • Jumbo Wooden Clothespin (check craft stores & Dollar Tree)
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Adhesive (Mod Podge, Xyron, Double Stick Tape)
  • Paper Sanding Block or Fine Grit Sandpaper
  • Embellishments, Ink Pad (optional)


1. Measure the two flat sides of your clothespin. Cut strips of the scrapbook paper a smidge larger than the actual measurements.

2. Adhere paper to the clothespin. I use my Xyron machine for this. You can also use Mod Podge, but it's a bit messy and requires drying time. You can also use double stick tape. Just be sure to cover the entire surface of the clothespin with the tape and then rub the paper onto it really well to secure it.

3. Cut the paper so that it hangs a bit over the edge. Use your sanding block or fine grit sandpaper to carefully sand off the paper that is overhanging the wood. This makes it look like the paper really part of the wood. 

4. Then I take an ink pad and rub it around the edge of the paper to give it a finished look.  It just gives it a little depth. I always use a medium brown ink no matter what color the paper.

5. Finally, add embellishments or ribbons as desired to finish it up! You can use the same process to cover clipboards and notebooks too!

Other Tips/Suggestions:
You can add a strong magnet to the back and use it on your board to hold charts or posters. These make really great and inexpensive gifts!

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