DIY Lanterns!

Simple and inexpensive lanterns - for any occasion or holiday!

Items to Gather:

  • cans (any size)
  • paint (any color)
  • hammer
  • nail
  • candle (tea lights work best, but a small votive will work too)

1.  Peel the paper off the cans and clean them.
2.  Using the nail, lightly hammer holes into the lantern (you can create a pattern or picture if you wish).

***A helpful tip:  it may be difficult to make holes in certain parts of the can.  To make it easier, fill the can with water and freeze it.  Once frozen, hammer the nail into the can in the desired places (it will much easier).  Let the ice melt, then pour the water out.

3.  Paint the can.
4.  Once the can is dry, place the candle inside the can.
5.  Place your lantern where everyone can see and let your creativity shine!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

1.  You could use Sharpies to decorate the cans once you've painted them.  
2.  You could use clip art (like I did) to decorate the cans based on the holiday or occasion.  Click HERE for a free copy of some Thanksgiving and Christmas pictures to use as decorations!
3.  If you would rather not use real candles, you could always go with the flameless ones!


Hope you enjoy!
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