DIY Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

With Thanksgiving coming this month, I'm always looking for ways to incorporate it.  This non-traditional bulletin board is a great way to incorporate the idea of giving thanks, without dwelling on the holiday.  It's perfect if you have some students who don't celebrate!

Items to Gather:

  • Bulletin board master set.
  • construction paper for hands (optional)
  • pencils, scissors, and glue for students


1. Give each student a writing sheet.  I've included half-sheet and full-sheet options as well as a few different colored options or black and white.
2. Each student writes someone they'd like to "give a hand" to.  You may need to explain that we use "give a hand" to mean give them a round of applause.  You can make this as focused of a writing activity as you choose.
3. Each student receives a hand.  You can choose to have students decorate their hands, or you can give them hands in various construction paper colors.
4. Students cut out their hands and glue them to their writing sheet.
5. Hang in the hallway to display for everyone!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

This isn't very directed intentionally.  This way, you can make it specific to your classroom and your school.  It's meant to be an idea for a non-traditional bulletin board but I'd love to see which way you took it.

Who would you like to give a hand to?

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