DIY Rhyme Magnets

Rhyme is one of the first phonemic awareness skills addressed in school.  Finding and matching rhyming pictures helps students understand that words are made of separate speech sounds that can be changed to make different words. Here's a fun little center or small group activity for working with rhyme. 

Items to Gather:

  • Large marble glass gems that measure 1-1 1/2" across (they can be purchased in 3 lb bags in the craft/floral section of large box stores)
  • Glass and bead glue
  • 32 button magnets


1.  Print the following.

Click HERE to download the pdf
Click HERE to download the pdf

2.  Cut the pictures from the cards.  Put glue on the flat side of the glass bead and adhere a picture on each bead with the picture facing through the glass.

3.  Hot glue a button magnet on the back of the glass bead.


Other Tips/Suggestions:

You can use this activity on any magnet surface, but a cookie sheet is the perfect size! 

Hope you enjoy this activity!

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