DIY Sorting Station

Looking for a quick and inexpensive way to have students sort objects? Re-purpose an old vegetable tray and create a sorting center in minutes!

Items to Gather:

  • used vegetable tray (cleaned)
  • homemade letter tiles or other objects to sort


1.  Decide which attributes you will use to sort the objects or tiles. Print a label for each section of the sorting tray and fasten them so that they will not be covered up when objects/tiles are placed in each compartment.

2.  Gather objects for sorting, or print and cut letter/number tiles. In this example, the sorting tray is used to sort letters. Therefore each tile contains a lowercase letter that will be sorted into the correct compartment.

3.  Store the objects in the sorting tray until you are ready to use it.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

A sorting tray can be used for a wide variety of skills and grade levels. This example involved students matching uppercase and lowercase letters and sorting according to the letter on each tile. Other options for this activity include: sort equations according to sum/difference, sort words according to number of letters, or sort objects according to color. 

Hope you enjoy!
Teaching in the Early Years
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