DIY Chalkboard Labels

Looking to organize your classroom?  Here's an easy way - chalkboard labels!
Items to Gather:
1.  Unroll the contact paper and use the circle punch to cut how ever many circles you need.
2.  Use the markers to write and draw on the labels.  The marker will erase with a bit of water and a cloth.
3.  Peel the backing off the labels and stick them wherever you want!
4.  Or use chalk to write on a label that you will change often.  This is my word work tub that changes each week with our language and phonics focus.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

I keep these markers in a special tin, so that they are easy for me to find, I can test out the ink in the lid of the tin, and subs don't accidentally use them on paper, since they are not mixed in with regular writing utensils.  I found the box at Michael's Crafts Stores.

These markers are also fabulous for writing on white boards, mirrors, and windows.  I write my Problem of the Day frame on my white board with them.  I also like to write sight words on the mirror above our sink for kids to practice while washing their hands!


photo of Teaching With Style blog
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