DIY Festive Drink Sleeve

Need a last-minute gift? These festive little drink sleeves will add some warmth and a bit of jingle to someone's holiday!

Items to Gather:
    • Cute socks or tights 
    • Sharp scissors
    • Baker's twine or embroidery floss
    • Embroidery needle
    • Small jingle bells (or something quieter, like pom-poms)


    Step 1: Cut a drink-sleeve sized section out of a sock or a pair of tights. Gently stretch the sleeve out once or twice, and it will roll up a bit on the ends.

    Step 2: Thread embroidery needle with twine or embroidery floss.

    Step 3: Attach bells or pom-poms

    Step 4: Purchase a warm drink, add your cute drink sleeve, and deliver it to a special pal.

    Happy holidays, everyone!

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