DIY Holiday Family Name Project

Want a fun, simple project your students' parents will treasure?  Have your students create a family name frame (modeled after the picture frames you can buy with spaces for the photographs in the letters!)

Items to Gather:

  • long tagboard (cut to the length of each students' last name)
  • white 8.5 x 11 paper, with three 3 x 4 inch rectangles drawn on
  • Block letter drawing instructions (found here)
  • crayons
  • glue (I prefer Elmer's® Rubber Cement


Step 1: Give each student a premade piece of paper with three 3 x 4 inch boxes on it. (preprinting them just makes the process go much more smoothly).  In each box, they are to draw one box letter that is found in their last name.  Give the students this guide sheet to help them draw the letters uniformly.

Step 2:  Once the letters are in the boxes, have the students draw pictures of their families over the letters.  They need to use the ENTIRE box, not just the part that the block letter takes up.  This can be a series of little images, or one big image of their family.  The idea is that is it a "photograph" of their family.

Step 3: Students then cut out each block letter.  There will be some of the picture they drew left in the box, and that is ok.  It gives the letter a unique look.

Step 4: Glue each letter onto the tag board.  The entire last name should fit.  If it doesn't, just add more tagboard to make it longer.

Step 5: Outline each letter in black.

And now you have a completed project!

   Other Tips/Suggestions:

My students LOVED this project, and so did I.  It came out SO amazing (the pictures really do not do it justice.)  To wrap, we rolled them up and put tissue around it with yarn.  It made sort of a tootsie roll looking thing.  Each child then attached their card and it went home. 

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