DIY "Snow-one" As Cool As You - Silly Straw Gifts!

Looking for a fun and inexpensive gift for your kids to give their parents?

Items to Gather:

  • silly straws
  • packs of powdered drinks (coffee, flavored water, hot chocolate)
  • "Snow-one" As Cool As You cards (click HERE to download for free!)
  • stapler
  • tape

1.  Print the "Snow-one" As Cool As You cards.
2.  Cut them out and staple them to the powdered drink packets (but make sure all the powder is towards the bottom of the packet).
3.  Tape the silly straw to the back of the packet.
4.  Give it to a friend or family member! 

Other Tips/Suggestions:

1.  You could print the cards out in black and white (included in the free download) and have the students color them.  
2.  You could use this as YOUR gift to your own students.

Hope you enjoy!
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