DIY Truncated Tetrahedron Tree

Review Geometry skills and have some Origami fun while folding a truncated tetrahedron to create a Christmas Tree ornament.  

Items to Gather:

  • Scrapbook paper or colored paper in coordinating colors and patterns
  • Circle pattern in various sizes {Mine ranged from a 5" to about a 10" diameter.}
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Pony Beads
  • Floral wire {Yarn could also be used.}
  • Any wire snippers or benders you have on hand will make the task a little quicker. 
  • Folding instructions {See below.}

If you Google 'The Amazing Circle' or 'folding truncated tetrahedrons', you will find many folding tutorials - including videos.  Choose the one that works best for you.  Some are more visual and some are more wordy.  Here are a couple of links that I've used in the past.

You can also purchase the book titled The Amazing Circle from AIMS which includes the this lesson and many others based on circles.


  1. Print folding instructions for each student or just for yourself if using this as a whole-group task.
  2. Cut out circles and follow folding instructions.
  3. Leave the top section of the tree as a tetrahedron so that you will have a pointed top for your tree.
  4. Glue sections together.
  5. Use a tiny whole punch to create a hole for floral wire.
  6. Add a Pony Bead to the top of the tree using the wire.
  7. Twist wire around to create a loop for an ornament hanger.
  8. Hang and enjoy!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

  1. This makes for a wonderful geometry lesson with many different grade levels.  As you work, there are many different geometry concepts and terms that will be visible.
  2. These could be used as a tabletop decoration to cut out the need to wire.
  3. Use just one of the truncated tetrahedrons by itself for an ornament.

Enjoy Making It :)

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