DIY Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Besides making your classroom cute, these personalized hand sanitizers make great gifts!

Items to Gather:

• Transparency sheets for laser printers
• Hand sanitizer, any brand or color with back and front label removed.
• Ribbon



1. Design a label or print this one on clear transparency film through a laser printer. It MUST be a laser printer or the ink will run once it is placed inside the sanitizer. If you don't have access to a laser printer, most office supply stores will be able to do this for you pretty inexpensively.

2.  Cut the transparency close to the edge. Hold it up to your sanitizer bottle to see where it will line up once you put it in the bottle. Trim as needed.

3. As indicated in the pictures below, roll the cut transparency with the words facing out into a tube that is small enough to fit through the top of the bottle.  Then slide the tube into the bottle. Push it in as far as you can with your finger. Then use the pump from the bottle to push the transparency as close to the front of the bottle as you can. After you put the lid back on, you can shake the whole bottle until the transparency settles into a good spot.

4. Add a little ribbon around the neck of the bottle and it's ready to sit on your desk or give as a gift!

*This project was inspired by Simply Kierste

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