DIY Easy and Inexpensive Thank You Gifts!

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Hello Classroom DIY Friends! For most of us school is well underway and we are going full speed ahead this time of year. Just right around the corner we will soon be talking about Thanksgiving. It is this time of year we think and remember all the things we are thankful for. Sometimes it is hard to think of a thoughtful gift to give to those parents who help us to help the children in our classrooms. Sometimes it is the simplest things that mean so much! So how about an easy thank you gift?

Click on the image above for your printable!

Items to Gather:

For One Gift:
  • Thank You Printable
  • 1 Gift Bag 
  • Tissue
  • Frame

1. Print the printable.
2.  Insert into frame.

3.  Stuff with tissue!     
Other Tips/Suggestions:
Considering these are so inexpensive and quick to make I have made several to keep on hand for that emergency thank you gift during the holidays! All items were purchased at Dollar Tree!

I hope you have as much fun as I did creating my these quick and inexpensive thank you gifts,

DIY Stained Glass

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This is a fun projects for any holiday.  Students create their own holiday stained glass with no cutting!


Items to Gather:

  • Several images from coloring books
  • Foil


    1.  Make copies of your images on the transparency sheets.  Be sure you have the right sheets for your printer.  They come in sheets for laser and for inkjet.  

    2. Color in the picture using permanent markers
    3.  Cover the cardstock or tagboard with foil.  Be sure that the shiny side faces out.  I like to secure mine on the back with a couple of pieces of tape.   

    4.  Using clear tape, attach the finished picture to the front of the covered board.   

    5.  Hang in the hall or in the windows.  They look fantastic when they catch the light.   

    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    These are especially fun during the Christmas holiday, but can be done with any image.  If you have a student that doesn't celebrate holidays, have a generic picture for them to do.   

    I have also seen these done in circular patterns on top of a paper plate covered with foil.      

    We'd love to hear your ideas and the creative ways in which you found to use these!


DIY Reading Nook

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Need a fun place for your little ones to read quietly? Try this fun reading nook!



Items to Gather:  

    • large cardboard box
    • screwdriver
    • Christmas lights
    • spray paint (optional)


    1. Simply poke holes in the box with the philip's head screwdriver. This is will be the top of your "nook".

    2. Push the lightbulbs from the light strand into the holes you just made.

    3. PLUG IT IN! Tada! Fill with a few comfy pillows if you would like.  

    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    1. Spray paint your box prior to using.
    2. Make constellations.
    3. TIP: punch one hole in the box, insert one light, continue...this will help to make sure that your holes are evenly placed so that all lights can be used.

    Best of Luck!

    DIY Place Value Chart

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    Create a cheap and easy to make place value manipulate for your students.



    Items to Gather:

    • Colored Card Stock
    • 1/2" binding combs
    • Binding machine
    • Scissors


    Step 1: Print a set of numbers 0-9 for each place you want to represent.  You can download a free copy of the one pictured above HERE. 

    Step 2: Cut out each set of numbers. 

    Step 3: Punch holes into each strip.

    Step 4: Place the comb onto the binding machine.  Load the place value sheet onto the comb first and then the numbers 9-0.

    Step 5: Last, close the binding comb and cut each number vertically.


    Other Tips/Suggestions:

    Laminate the numbers for durability.

    Have fun expressing your creativity!

    DIY Paper Pumpkin Surprise

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    Do you want an easy and inexpensive festive fall surprise for your teammates or your beloved school secretary? Make a few DIY paper pumpkins and stuff them with seasonal goodies to spread some cheer.

    Items to Gather:
      • A paper grocery bag, or cute patterned paper
      • 2 brads per pumpkin
      • Sharp scissors 
      • Small hole punch
      • Goodies to stuff inside


      Step 1: Cut a strip out of your bag. (Approximately one inch wide.)

      Step 2: Cut that strip in half twice, so you end up with strips that are about 9 inches long.

      Step 3: Use 4 strips and hole punch each one in the center.

      Step 4: Attach with a brad as shown.

      Step 5: Punch another hole at the end of each strip.

      Step 6: Make a stem. I cut out a brown section of the bag in the shape of a circle-ish oval. Hole punch the stem piece in the middle at attach with a brad to the TOP of one of the end pieces. (If you want to add a leaf tag like mine, add it under the stem.  The stem is the top piece because it will stick up.)

      Step 7: Attach the other end pieces one by one to the underside of the brad. Close the brad when all strips are attached.

      Step 8: Twist your stem piece so it looks like a stem.

      Step 9: Stuff some treats inside! Peanut butter cups or truffles are my personal faves. :)

      Other Tips/Suggestions:

      These are also adorable with strips of seasonal patterned paper!

      DIY Haunted Gingerbread House

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      Look no further for a fun and yummy Halloween craftivity.  Students will love making these adorable gingerbread houses with a spooky twist!

       Items to Gather:
      • graham crackers
      • chocolate frosting
      • hot glue gun/glue
      • small (but sturdy) paper plates
      • plastic knives
      • variety of Halloween candy (candy corn, Reese's Pieces, pumpkins, marshmallows, gummy worms, Dots)

      1. Assemble miniature houses for each student using graham crackers and hot glue.  Make sure students know that the houses were glued together and are not edible.  

      2. Before decorating the houses, write each student's name on a small paper plate and then glue the house to the plate so students can carry them home easily.

       3. Let students decorate their spooky houses using chocolate frosting and variety of candy.    

      Other Tips and Suggestions:
      Use a black Sharpie to turn marshmallows into ghosts.

      Have a Spooktacular Halloween!


      DIY Book Bag Labels

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      This is a cute and inexpensive way to create personalized labels for the Home Depot apron book bags.


      Items to Gather:

      • Home Depot Aprons
      • Clip art and computer
      • Laminator
      • Velcro dots


      Step 1:  Create a 4" by 4" label on the computer using clip art of your choice.

      Step 2:  Print and laminate your square.

      Step 3:  Use Velcro dots and attach one half to the back of the label.  Then, connect the other half to the dot, and peel the back off the side that is not attached to anything. Last, press your label onto the apron firmly so that the sticky backing adheres to the apron just in the right place!

      Step 4:  Secure your label right to the apron.  {Bonus = you can change out the labels from year to year easily!}

      Much nicer, don't you think?

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