DIY Fabric-Covered Bin

These fabric-covered bins are a pretty place to stash books and supplies. They also make a fun and functional gift for room parents or co-workers.

Items to Gather:


    Step 1: Wrap fabric around bin and trim it so it fits over the outside of the bin. I recommend cutting two sections of fabric. (One for the front of the bin and one for the back.) Smaller sections of fabric are easier to work with.

    Step 2: Apply one thick coat of Mod Podge to the front half of the bin.

    Step 3: Working quickly, position the fabric over the Mod Podge and smooth out bubbles.

    Step 4: Trim the edges if necessary and smooth edges down with a tiny bit of Mod Podge on a brush or your finger.

    Step 5: Repeat on the back side of your bin.

    Step 6: Trim around handles if you have them, smooth edges down again with Mod Podge, then fold ends of fabric over and glue down to make a clean seam. For my bins, I did this on the sides where it wouldn't show as much.  

    *I might be obsessed with these. As you can see, I have them in practically every room in my house...

    Have fun!

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