DIY Fingerprint Tree (Class memory gift)

I was going to save this project until the end of the school year but when one of my students moved right before the holidays  I was motivated to share now.  This is a perfect going away gift for a student who is moving or even for a parent volunteer. This would even work as a class gift to a specialist teacher or administration.

Items to Gather:

  • white cardstock
  • paint or stamp pads
  • frame (optional)
  • tree printable CLICK HERE to download


Step 1: Print out the printable tree provided above on cardstock.

Step 2:  If you are going to use paint, decide what colors that you want to use and pour out a little "puddle" on a disposable plate for student to dip their fingertip in.  If you are going to use ink pads just open and have them ready to go.

Step 3:  Have each student choose a color and dip one fingertip in the paint then place a fingerprint leaf on the tree. 

Step 4: Students (or teacher) write their name underneath or next to the fingerprints.

Step 5:(Optional) After everything dries you can put the beautiful class tree in a frame to give as a gift.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

You can use this Class Tree as a Valentine gift for the student's parents by just having each student make fingerprint hearts instead of "leaves". Each student would put their own fingerprint hearts throughout the tree.  This type of thing can be done for any holiday.

Another idea is to make a tree like this for your pen pals or another class that you have interactions with.  

*If you want to make this project for another occasion besides a class memory gift you can google a tree without leaves picture and type up whatever title is needed.  Even better you can have a students draw the actual tree that everyone will leave their fingerprints on.

  Have a 'hoppy' day!

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