DIY Incentive-Reward Jars

Looking for a creative and inexpensive way to keep track of a certain goal?

Items to Gather:

  • jars
  • scrapbook paper
  • ribbon
  • labels (click HERE to download them)
  • glue (Elmer's craft glue - shown in pic below)
  • hot glue/glue gun
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • tokens (to put in jar...I'm going to use peppermints)

1.  Cut your paper to the desired size/shape (depends on how you want to decorate your jars).
2.  Glue the paper to your jars.
3.  Hot glue the ribbon around the jar.
4.  Put your label on the jar (top or side).
5.  Start keeping track of that goal or desired behavior (kids keeping their desk/room clean, good behavior, keeping your New Year's resolution, etc.) by putting tokens in the jar!  When the jar is full, it's time for a REWARD!

Other Tips/Suggestions:
This could be used at school or at home!  I even made a jar for myself!  Gotta keep myself on track!

Hope you enjoy!
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