DIY Paper Heart Wreath

Make a cute paper heart wreath to decorate your room or to make with your students. 

Items to Gather:

  • double-sided scrapbook paper or construction paper
  • Zots glue dots or glue gun
  • ribbon for hanging
  • burnisher (optional)


1.  Cut 8 - 2" x 11" strips of double-sided scrapbook paper or construction paper.
2.  Fold paper strip in half and make a firm crease.  Use burnisher to get a sharp crease (optional).
3.  Roll the two loose ends of the paper into a heart shape and glue with Zots or a glue gun.
4.  Glue 8 hearts together at their widest point to make a circle of hearts.
5.  Attach a ribbon between the top two hearts and the other six hearts and glue in place where the hearts are glued together.  Finish the ribbon off by tying each end in a knot.

Other Tips/Suggestions:

This idea was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest and made to match my colors.  The idea originates from The Hybrid Chick

Have fun teaching,


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