DIY Pencil Monogram

This pencil monogram makes the perfect teacher gift, or gift for yourself.  This sits on top of my filing cabinet in my classroom and is always a conversation piece when visitors come to my classroom.

Items to Gather:

  • 5 x 7 shadowbox frame (I picked one up at our Dollar Store)
  • around 25 pencils
  • sharpie
  • glue gun
  • scrapbook paper
  • scroll saw


1.  Glue down scrapbook paper to the back of the frame.
2.  Using your computer and printer (or draw freehand), create a template for the letter you are using that will fill the frame.
3.  Sharpen your pencils.  It's much easier to do this first rather than at the end ... don't ask me how I know this ... ;)  You may have to sharpen some pencils a second time after you have done the cutting.
4.  Lay your pencils down over the template, with the erasers lined up on the left side of the letter.  The lead side of the pencils will be on the far right side of the letter (see my picture).  
5.  Using a sharpie, mark your pencils where you will need to cut them.  You may be making two cuts on some of the pencils.
6.  Cut your pencils with a scroll saw.  This isn't as intimidating as it sounds.  I was able to do this in a short amount of time, and only broke one pencil.  
7.  Using the glue gun, glue your pencils in place.
8.  Put the cover on the frame, stand back, and admire your handiwork.

Optional:  If you don't have access to a scroll saw, or the idea of using it scares you, you can create the same effect using crayons.  The crayons can be easily cut with scissors or a knife.

Hope you enjoy!

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