DIY Self-Checking Center or Game

If your students like to scan QR codes and you want to make sure they are able to self-check during a game or center, then you will want to check this out!

Items to Gather:

  • Computer
  • Program to create your game/center
  • Paper to print your creation on


Step 1: After creating a game or center for your classroom, visit the site  
Step 2: Click on the button that says "plain text." 

Step 3: Type in the answer to one of the questions for your game.

Step 4: Download the QR code graphic and insert it into your creation.

Step 5: Print out the game or center you created and watch your students enjoy self-checking!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

I use an app called Scan for my students to scan QR codes. Since QR codes can link to plain text instead of only websites, the possibilities for this are endless!

I hope you and your students will enjoy scanning QR codes to self-check!

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