DIY Valentine's Day Card Holder

Need a quick and easy Valentine's Day card holder? This is so cute, and super easy! 

Items to Gather:  

  • ribbon
  • large envelopes
  • holiday scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • holiday di-cuts
  • hole punch


1. Begin by cutting your holiday scrapbook paper to the size of your large envelope, then glue it down.

2. Have the students cut or use already cut holiday stickers or di-cuts. Glue them to the front of the envelope. I used a cut piece of chalkboard paper that already has adhesive on the back. This way the students could draw and write their names on the chalkboard.

3. Next punch two smaller holes in the top of the envelope (through all layers)

4. Using your ribbon (I like the thicker ribbon for this project), string it going from back to front. At the end of the ribbon tie a knot and trim off the extra. Loop the ribbon around (to make a handle) and once again take the other end and string it going from back to front, and at the end of the ribbon tie a knot and trim off the extra.

5. Finally hang on the back of the student's chair and fill with Valentine's Day card. The great thing about this card holder is that you can just clasp them shut and send them home! 

Other Tips/Suggestions:

1. If you are only using paper products (not chalkboard paper) laminate the decorated envelope prior to attaching the ribbon. 
2. If you do use the chalkboard paper cut outs then laminate the envelopes after attaching the sized paper and prior to adhering the chalkboard paper. 

Best of Luck!

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