DIY Fabric Banner

Want a cute touch of fabric in your classroom without having to sew?  Make a bunting to hang in your room!
Items to Gather:
1.  Organize your fabric into the pattern you want.
2.  Make a paper guide of the size of triangles you want and start cutting your fabric.

3.  Lay the stitch witchery on the ribbon, then lay the fabric on top of that.  Iron it all together.  Follow the directions on the stitch witchery packaging.

4.  Hang your bunting up in your room (I use a staple gun to make sure it doesn't fall) and admire how cute it looks!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

After you make a bunting for your classroom, you can make them for other places, too, like a children's room, to decorate a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding shower, or even for special events, such as welcoming someone into your home!  You can use the stitch witchery to add letters to the fabric triangles or even glue pictures onto them.  Get creative!  I can't wait to see how you would use this in your life!


photo of Teaching With Style blog
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