DIY Behavior Reward with Pom Poms


Do your students need an extra incentive for good behavior? This simple and easy to make container will help them track their progress in earning class rewards.

Items to Gather:

  • Crystal Light Container or other container of comparable size
  • Pom poms
  • Permanent marker



Step 1: Peel the label off of your crystal light container.
Step 2: Using the permanent marker, mark the container at different levels. (You can mark this for minutes or percentage full.)
Step 3: Introduce it to your class so they can start earning pom poms towards a class reward!

Other Tips/Suggestions:

I used this in kindergarten and first grade so my students to earn their Friday free time. However many minutes they earned by Friday afternoon is how many I gave them at the end of the day.

In third grade, I use it as a class reward system. Every time that we get a compliment in the hallway or I notice them doing a great job, they get a pom pom. When it gets filled to the top, we get to have a special reward such as no shoes, extra recess, or a treat.

I hope you and your students will enjoy earning pom poms!

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