DIY Clip and Band Holder

Don't you HATE when you are searching for a rubber band or paper clip and you can't find one to save your life?  OR I also am not a huge fan of opening my middle top desk drawer to find a bunch of them scattered all over the tray and loose so that every time I open or shut the drawer I can hear them clanging all around.   How about a simple solution that will take you 10 minutes (plus drying time) to make?  

Items to Gather:

  • cardboard toilet paper tube
  • scrapbook paper of your choice
  • Modge Podge and foam paint brush
  • ribbon
  • scissors and tape


Step 1:   First, start with your toilet paper tube.

Step 2:  Cut a piece of scrapbook paper a little wider and a little longer (much like if you were going to wrap the tube up as a gift).

Step 3:  Then, you are actually going to wrap it up and seal it with Modge Podge.  After that, hot glue some ribbon borders on and add your supplies.

other tips/suggestions:

Now you have a handy place to keep your rubber bands and paper clips so they don't get lost.  And the container is pretty enough to take with you to another classroom if you have a project to work on that requires paper clips or rubber bands.  You could leave it on your desk for easy access if you have room.  Or you could tuck it in a desk drawer where the supplies might normally be, but smile every time you open the drawer now because you won't hear any loose rattling going on now.  :)

Enjoy and have fun organizing!

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