DIY Student Work Display

Create an attractive bulletin board display that can easily be changed on a regular basis in a few simple steps!


Items to Gather:

  • construction paper 11" x 14"
  • tissue paper
  • paintbrush
  • glue
  • lamination
  • two prong fasteners 
  • hole punch 


Step 1: After gathering all of the materials, the students will use the tissue paper to create a collage on the construction paper.  


Step 2:  To create the collage, brush glue on the paper.  Then place a piece of construction paper over the glue.  Brush glue on to the tissue paper.  Then layer another piece of tissue slightly on top of the first piece and brush glue over it.  Continue in this manner until the entire paper is covered.

Step 3:Cut off any hanging pieces of tissue paper and laminate.


Step 4: Punch two holes, the size of the prong fasteners, to the top of the laminated project.

Step 5: Punch holes in your paper the same width and, viola, you have a display that can easily be changed out...just by opening up the fasteners!

   Other Tips/Suggestions:

I use this on my walls that can not be stapled into.  It also is a great way to house on-going writing projects in an attractive displayHere are a few projects that my students did (before we laminated them) so that you can see the variety and creativity they can produce.

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