DIY Valentines

Can you catch a Valentine's Day "cootie"?  

Your students will love these fun Valentine's Day cootie catchers.

Items to Gather:

  • FREE Valentine's Day Cootie Catchers (click HERE or on the picture below to download your copy).
  • These are great on their own, but if you are allowed to hand out candy to your class, you can add a lollipop right through the center of the cootie catcher.


1.  Print out cootie catchers.
2.  Cut out and fold into cootie catcher shapes (if you have forgotten how to make these you can easily search how-to videos on you-tube.  I have also included a link to a you-tube video within the download).
3.  If you are including a lollipop, simply stick through the center.
4.  If you wish, you can attach a little tag through the stick of the lollipop to personalize for students.

Hope you enjoy!

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