DIY Decorated File Folders

You can purchase patterned file folders, but they usually work out to be about $1 a piece.  That is kind of pricey.  The best part of the DIY versions?   They are inexpensive and you can completely customize them to match your classroom theme or colors!  And they are super fast to create.  I created 3 of the 4 folders in about 10 minutes - literally.

Items to Gather:

  • Plain file folder in any color
  • Washi tape, patterned duct tape, or patterned packing tape


Step 1:   Use the tape(s) to decorate your folders in any way you like!

Optional:  The circles on the folder created below were made just by placing strips of tape on a piece of cardstock, then using a craft punch to create the circle.  Those were then glued on top of the folder.

Optional:  To add a ribbon border or a bow at the top like in the example below, use a standard hole punch to punch near the top edge close together.  Thread a piece of ribbon under the cover so the ribbon ends come out of the holes in the front.  Tie, and you are all set!

Have fun creating a fun folder to take to and from meetings - or just to proudly display on your desk!

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